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Weekly Wellegant Find: Soulful Simplicity (Book)

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I have been a longtime fan of author Courtney Carver. Courtney and her blog, Be More With Less, first came across my radar year ago, when I was searching for information about creating a capsule wardrobe. I was riveted by her story. Courtney, having been diagnosed with MS, knew that she had to find a ‘better way’ and she that the path was through simplicity.

Not only did I find the information I sought about capsule wardrobes (which Courtney is a HUGE proponent of), but I found much wisdom in Courtney’s approach and her kinder, gentler approach to ‘minimalism’. At a time when most women are on a quest to do, have and be more, Courtney encourages us to pursue less, but better. (Has kind of a Wellegant ring to it, doesn’t it?!)

Soulful Simplicity is Courtney’s most recent book and, in it, she offers practical advice and strategies on how to  eliminate the physical and psychological clutter that keeps so many women stuck and discontented. She shows readers the power that simplicity has to “improve our health, build more meaningful relationships, and relieve stress in our personal and professional lives.”

And if this book calls to you, be sure to check the blog tomorrow for my interview with Courtney. Our conversation explores this concept in greater depth and I’m super excited to introduce you to this smart, interesting woman and her work!

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