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Recipe: Chicken Tortilla Soup (GF)

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So, you might be wondering why I’m posting a recipe for soup at the beginning of June. Yes, it’s a bit unseasonal, but if you live on Long Island you’ll understand exactly why, as the weather has been cold, rainy and altogether dreary for the last couple of weeks.

I know that summer is on its way. Occasionally, we’ve had a tiny glimpse of it (very occasionally and a very tiny glimpse!?), but the truth is…the weather has been more conducive to soups than to salads, grilling and dining outside.

So, that’s exactly what I made this past week…soup. Chicken Tortilla Soup to be exact. It was a new dish in which I tried to replicate the flavors of a chicken enchilada (minus all of the heavy sauce and cheeses). I was inspired by a recipe in the cookbook, The New Slow Cooker by Brigit Binns.The broth is made with tomatoes, onions, garlic and various Tex-mex spices. The chicken thighs are so tender they practically fall apart and the whole, hearty bowl is topped with diced avocado, fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime.

My kids also topped their soup with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of broken up tortilla chips. We all absolutely loved it and the best part is, this soup is cooked in the slow cooker. Which means that when you come home at the end of the day, it’s ready and waiting for you!

Here’s the recipe in case you, too, feel the need to cozy up with something warm and comforting these days.

Buon Appetit,


Chicken Tortilla Soup

1 (15 oz.) can of crushed tomatoes

1 yellow onion, rough chopped

3 cloves of garlic, smashed

1 jalapeño, seeded and chopped (OPTIONAL)

5 ½ cups of chicken stock (homemade or store bought) LINK

2 lbs skinless, boneless chicken thighs (approximately 8 thighs)

2 limes

1 tsp. Red wine vinegar

1 tsp. Ground cumin

3 bay leaves

Salt and freshly ground pepper

2 c. Frozen corn kernels

2 small avocados, diced

2 Tbsp. Cilantro, coarsely chopped

Sour cream (OPTIONAL, for garnish)

Tortilla chips (OPTIONAL, for garnish)

In the blender or food processor, combine the tomatoes, onion, garlic and one cup of chicken broth and process until smooth.Then, pour into the slow cooker.

Add the chicken thighs, the remaining chicken broth, the juice of 1 lime, the vinegar, cumin, bay leaves, ¾ tsp. Salt and several grinds of fresh pepper. Cover and cook on the low setting for at least 5 hours.

Thirty minutes before serving, remove the chicken and shred the meat. Skim any fat from the soup (there shouldn’t be much, as the chicken thighs are skinless). Return the chicken to the pot and add the corn. Cover and continue to cook for 30 minutes.

Remove the bay leaves and discard. Cut the remaining lime into wedges. Ladle the soup into bowls, squeeze a wedge of lime over top and garnish each bowl with some chopped avocados, cilantro, sour cream and/or tortilla chips.

Serves 6-8.


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