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Recipe: String Beans with Shallots and Pine Nuts (GF)

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String beans are one of my favorite vegetables. They’re so delicious and seem to pair well with just about everything. Not to mention the fact that they’re quick and easy to prepare. Most of the time, I do a quick sauté in a little olive oil until the skin is slightly blistered, add sea salt and freshly ground pepper and voila!

This time, I decided to play around with another favorite of mine, shallots. I diced the shallots, sautéed them, added the beans and finished with a sprinkling of toasted pine (or pignoli) nuts for a bit of crunch. It took minutes to prepare, tasted wonderful and, as you can see in the photo, looks quite fancy for a weeknight meal 😉

Buon Appetit!


String Beans with Shallots and Pine Nuts

2 Tbsp. Extra virgin olive oil

3 Tbsp. Shallots, diced

8-10 ounces of string beans (I prefer the thin French beans/haricot verts)

2 Tbsp. Pine (or Pignoli) nuts

Coarse salt and ground black pepper


Place the pine nuts in a small sauté pan over medium high heat. Tossing frequently, allow the nuts to toast until they are lightly golden. Remove from heat and set aside.

Place olive oil in a medium sauté pan over medium high heat. When oil is shimmering, add the chopped shallots and sauté 1-2 minutes. Add the string beans and continue to sauté, stirring occasionally, for approximately 6 minutes, or until the string beans are crisp-tender. Remove from heat, sprinkle with pine nuts and salt/pepper to taste.

Serves 4.


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