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Weekly Wellegant Find: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg Mckeown (book)

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Have you ever read a book that shook you awake and made you question how you spend your time and live your life? Essentialsim: the Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown was just such a book for me. I read about 20 pages and immediately called my best friend to discuss some of it with her. She ran to the bookstore that very day to get herself a copy and the two of us can’t stop talking about it. Really…it’s THAT juicy and full of wisdom. We decided that it should be required reading for every woman!

As the book jacket describes, the way of the “essentialist” is “not to get more done; it’s to get the right things done.” But don’t worry…this is NOT another book about productivity.

Rather than providing time management strategies (you all know my feelings about “time management”!?), McKeown discusses the process of discernment – taking a hard look at what we value, applying a more selective criteria for what is essential for us, and then eliminating what is not so that we can contribute more to the things that really matter. And while that may not be a totally new concept, he discusses it in a way that really hit home for me.

In a world that glorifies busy-ness and compels us to do more and more, this book is a refreshing change of perspective. And although this kind of self-examination can be uncomfortable at times (after all, who wants to shine a light on our conditioning, thoughts and habits??), I know that this approach will serve me in living the kind of life I want to live, a Wellegant one!

I hope it serves you, too!




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