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White Jeans in Winter

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I grew up believing that wearing white in winter was akin to fashion suicide. Nope. Not ever. Taboo. In fact, whites were only “allowed” after Memorial Day and before Labor Day. During any other time, one might wear cream, off-white or “winter white” (I still haven’t figured out exactly what the difference is!?), but true white? Not a chance. For that reason, wearing white has always been somewhat of a fleeting pleasure. Well, no longer…

Thankfully, someone far more rebellious than I challenged this fashion rule and, now, wearing white in winter is considered a gorgeous, modern trend.

I find white jeans to be especially versatile and stylish in winter (I recently picked up this pair by Madewell and I LOVE them!). The key is to pair white jeans with heavier textures such as chunky knits, fur/faux fur, suede or leather boots, etc. Wearing layers and cold weather accessories (hats and scarves, for example) also helps to create a cozy look.

Here are some of my favorite looks. Perhaps they’ll inspire you, too, to toss aside that outdated style commandment and wear your white jeans in winter:



























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