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Weekly Wellegant Find: Headspace

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Meditation is the hot, new thing that’s been around for 2,000 years!? Everyone seems to be talking about it, touting its (many, many) health benefits. Although I now have a regular meditation practice, I was a struggling and inconsistent meditator for years. It seemed that, as soon as I sat down to meditate, my mind quickly began running through my to-do list, feeling guilty about meditating (when I had so damn much to do!), obsessively replaying some aspect of my day, and then scolding myself for allowing my mind to wander and ruminate. Each meditation ended with me feeling disappointed in myself, like I’d somehow “failed” at meditating.

Any wonder why I had a hard time making this a regular practice??

There’s no shortage of data proving that meditation is a worthwhile pursuit, with benefits such as greater emotional wellbeing, enhanced immunity, increased mental strength and focus, improved cardiovascular function and longevity (to name just a few). But when we’re new to the practice, that kind of mental discipline can be hard. It’s far easier to focus the mind when we have something neutral to focus on. Enter…Headspace!

Headspace is an app which has both a free service and a paid one, both offering guided meditations of approximately 10 minutes each. I’ve referred several friends to this app over the years and all seem to agree that it’s a wonderful training on what meditation is and how to begin the practice. Listening to this very soothing voice and following its instructions seems to be a tremendous help, when it comes to clearing and focusing the mind.

For those of you looking to bring this practice into your life, I highly recommend checking out the 10 free guided meditations offered by Headspace.

Peace out 😉


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