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Weekly Wellegant Find: “The Girl on the Train” (movie)

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I saw this movie with a friend on its opening night and as we sat in the packed theatre, I couldn’t help but notice the varied crowd – everyone from teenagers to elderly couples to the groups of ladies (like me, having a “girls night out”). While I’m not sure if the movie is appropriate for younger teenagers, it certainly does have something for everyone: mystery and intrigue, complex characters, horror and suspense, creative cinematography and an interesting exploration of perspective, obsession and identity. In a nutshell, 

it is the story of Rachel, recently divorced, who has become obsessed with (a) her ex-husband and his new family, (b) a woman she sees from the train on her commute every day and (c) alcohol. When Rachel learns that the woman she’s been watching disppears, she attempts to solve the mystery and becomes embroiled in a situation which forces her to face herself and question who she is, what drives her and what she’s capable of. And by the way, Emily Blunt gives a convincing, sympathetic and engaging performance, as Rachel.

I never read the book by Paula Hawkins, which might explain why I liked the movie so much (readers of a book RARELY like its movie counterpart!), but I highly recommend seeing it. I think you’ll find it creative, thought-provoking and extremely entertaining.

Here’s the trailer…give it a look.

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