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Weekly Wellegant Find: Phyto Basix Dermal Detox Pre-Cleanse

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If you wear makeup every day, your skincare routine should include an additional step, known as the Pre-Cleanse. I know, you’ve probably never heard of this step…I hadn’t heard of it either, until recently. Since learning the importance of this step,  I’ve been using this product and have seen a big difference in my skin.

The instructions call for you to massage a small amount of this Pre-Cleanser into your skin (the product is extremely gentle, so I include the eye area), then remove it with a warm washcloth. After that, rinse out the washcloth and do another wipe over the face. Once that’s done,  you’re ready to cleanse your face, as you normally would. The way that my aestetician explained it to me, a regular cleanser clears makeup off of the surface of the skin but isn’t able to work very deeply into the pores. The pre-cleanse, on the other hand, contains ingredients specifically designed to bind to makeup and draw it out of the pores. I really like this product by PhytoBasix and I’ve found that adding this step to my cleansing routine has given my skin the deep cleansing that it needs.

I hope that this tip serves you and that you enjoy the rest of the week!



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