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Weekly Wellegant Find: Day Designer Planner

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It seems to me that there are two distinctive groups of people: those who love a planner and wonder whether they can live without one – and – those who find the very thought of a planner to be tedious and boring. I most definitely fall into the former category.

I’m a goal-oriented person and I love the process of looking at my day/week/month/year and planning how I will use my time. On the one hand, I have a lot to do and this process helps me to figure out how it will all get done. On the other hand, I love the sense of anticipation that I feel when I look forward to the things that I’ll be doing.

But, perhaps most importantly, seeing my time mapped out in front of me helps me to be very intentional about how I spend it. After all, our time and energy are our most precious resources. If we’re serious about our commitment to living well, we must make conscious choices about how we’re investing these resources. And my planner gives me a sense of whether my life is balanced and, if it’s not, it provides me the opportunity to bring in whatever is lacking. Too much work and not enough fun? I can plan a lunch date with a friend. Not enough exercise? I’ll pencil in a fitness class or allot time for a walk. Burning the candle at both ends? I can make sure to schedule some time for self-care – a massage or a manicure, for example.

Now, I realize that some people believe that this type of planning takes the spontaneity out of life and that it results in a series of boring routines. I completely respect the fact that we’re all different and how one manages their time is extremely personal; by all means, if you don’t find a planner helpful or life-enhancing, don’t bother with it. But, that hasn’t been my experience. For me, using a planner gives me a sense of security (I know I won’t forget anything important that needs to get done), balance and excitement for the future.

Over the years, I’ve used a bunch of paper planners (and some electronic ones) and this Day Designer has been my favorite one for a couple of years now. They come in lots of fun colors and patterns, they’re a great size and the page layout offers lots of space for daily/weekly appointments, to do lists, notes, and reminders. The company also offers some great planning pages, a blog that’s full of time management tips, and other resources at their website, www.daydesigner.com.

If you’re looking for a system to plan the beautiful new year that’s stretched out in front of us, you may wish to check it out.

However you manage your time, I wish you a new year that’s full of everything that you desire. May 2018 bring much health, joy, peace and love!

Buon Annee!



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