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Weekly Wellegant Find: AeroLatte Milk Frother

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Earlier this week, I posted a recipe for a wonderful hot beverage called the “London Fog,” which combines tea and steamed milk (cappuccino-style). Now, while some people may have a cappuccino maker or some other method to froth milk, I (as a tea drinker) don’t have any of those machines. Instead, I purchased this handheld AeroLatte milk frother and it’s been a great, space efficient alternative.

It runs on two AA batteries and works beautifully, especially for a single serving. It’s easy to use (you, literally, just push a button) and easy to clean (just run it under hot water).

I like to froth the milk and then heat it in the microwave for a minute to steam it before adding it to the “London Fog” (or coffee, in the case of a cappuccino).

While I generally try not to accumulate a lot of kitchen gadgets (this is not easy, when you love to cook as much as I do!?), I’ve found this one to be a useful little gadget to have on hand. And I’ve been using it quite frequently to make this very Wellegant drink 😉

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