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Weekly Wellegant Find: Crate and Barrel Large Glass Hurricane

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As I shared in a recent newsletter, I’ve been making an effort to simplify during the holiday season in order to allow for more enjoyment and less overwhelm (and if you’re not yet a Newsletter subscriber, you can sign up here). One of the things I’ve done in the last several years is scale back quite a bit on my holiday decorations (both indoor and outdoor). When my kids were younger, i felt compelled to decorate practically every room of the house – I kid you not!

In addition to the Christmas tree, I put out everything from holiday hand towels and candles in the bathroom, to music boxes and little figurines in the living room, to fancy holiday mugs in the kitchen. I mean, it was Christmas Central over here!?! While the kids got a kick out of it, it was a LOT of work to put up and take down. And, if I’m honest, the house felt cluttered and “fussy” throughout the month of December. So much so, that I actually couldn’t wait to get those decorations down and often did so before New Year’s Day.

Now that my kids are older (and I’m wiser about what I want/need in order to fully enjoy the holiday season), I no longer approach holiday decorations in the same way. I continue to put up a fairly large Christmas tree, but all of the other decor items are carefully chosen to add a bit of holiday cheer without crowding the space or making it look gaudy. Simple and classy is what I strive for – in Christmas decorations and everything else 😉

One of the decorations that I love most is a large glass hurricane that I fill with Christmas ball ornaments. I stick to just a few colors – red, gold and silver (if you follow me on Instagram, you can find a photo of it here). My sister-in-law has one and fills it with blue and silver ball ornaments for Hanukkah. It looks so elegant and can be moved from one table to another, as needed.

This one by Crate and Barrel isn’t the exact one that I have, but it’s a very close facsimile. I love the size and the pedestal base. And don’t forget that you can change it up throughout the year – you can fill it with mini pumpkins or gourds in the fall, a beautiful candle during the winter months, I’ve even filled mine with fresh lemons and limes for a colorful, summertime look. It offers lots of creative possibilities.

If you pick one up, I’d love to see how you incorporate it into your decor. Please be sure to post a photo and tag me!

Here’s to a Wellegant holiday season!




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