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Weekly Wellegant Find: PerioBrite Toothpaste

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There is no beauty treatment that will instantly brighten up a woman’s face like a big, warm and sincere smile. I’m always drawn to people who smile frequently and I most definitely notice it when people don’t!

Recently, I read (I wish I could remember the source but, alas, I can’t!) that studies show that, when meeting someone new, the first thing most people notice about him/her is the mouth (even more so than the eyes, which I found surprising!). Seems like a great incentive to to make our smile a spectacular one, no?

Well, before you reach for the teeth whitening strips (most of which contain a variety of irritating chemicals), you may wish to try a tube of PerioBrite toothpaste by the brand Nature’s Answer. I found this toothpaste a while back and, now that I’ve been using it for several months, I can attest to the fact that it’s a fantastic, natural alternative to the teeth whitening treatments out there. I’ve purchased it at the supermarket and, also, on Amazon.

I hope that this tip serves you and that you’ll feel all the more confident and motivated to flash your grandest, whitest, brightest, most magnetic smile all over the place!

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