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Adapting Our Fitness Regimen to Suit Our Changing Body: Interview with Fitness Expert an Author, Bonne Marcus

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I’m so excited to share this interview with you! I had the opportunity to chat with fitness expert/author Bonne Marcus recently and the result is an interview full of Bonne’s tips, tricks and wisdom!

After the success of her own weight loss, Bonne has spent the last 31 years in the fitness industry and is a sought-after instructor and writer. Bonne currently leads classes throughout NYC and Long Island.

Among other things, we discussed how to adapt our fitness regimen in response to our bodies changing needs, as well as the change of seasons, change of schedule, etc. (after all, we all know that the only constant in life is CHANGE!).

Bonne is super motivating and inspiring. I hope that you enjoy listening to Bonne’s interview as much as I enjoyed doing it!

And for those of you who’d like to work with or speak with Bonne, she may be reached at


Note: Below the video link below, you’ll find the 7-move workout that Bonne referenced in the interview, so be sure to check it out after you listen!

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7 Muscles in 7 Minutes
by: Bonne Marcus

No time for strength training? No excuse!
In the time it would take you to mull over whether “to train or not to train,” you could be halfway through best body-blasting, inch-incinerating, time efficient sculpting session you have ever experienced. This 15 minute mini- workout reaps maximum results by pumping oxygen-rich blood through every major muscle group in your body. Believe me; your heart rate will prove it as will your fabulously fit physique, if you stick with the plan.

So what’s the plan?
The workout consists of 4 cycles of 7 different exercises, 1 for every major muscle group. Each cycle lasts 3.5 minutes, and each exercise is performed for 30-seconds per cycle. This brings the complete length of the workout to a whopping 14 minutes, of which each muscle group suffers a grand total of 1 minute.

What you do:
Perform repetitions (about 20) of each exercise for 30 seconds. Once you have completed all seven exercises repeat the 7-muscle cycle again. Please consult a certified fitness professional (or ME) if you are unsure about the proper form or technique of any these exercises below:

1. Squats

Squat Mitzvah Mom makeover

2. Push-ups

Push ups Mitzvah Mom makeover

3. Lunges

Lunges Mitzvah Mom makeover

4. Shoulder press

Shoulder press Mitzvah Mom Makeover

5. Bent over rows

Bent Over Row Mitzvah Mom makeover

6. Bicep curls

Bicep curls Mitzvah Mom makeover

7. Triceps dips

Tricep dips Mitzvah Mom makeover

Point to Ponder
Select weights that make the exercises challenging, but not impossible. If an exercise becomes too difficult, modify it. Remember, it’s better to modify an exercise than to risk getting injured. If after completing the 14-minute body blaster you still have a smidgen of time to spare, drop to the floor for a quick crunch-a-thon. Try to incorporate a variety of abdominal exercises such as reverse crunches, oblique crunches, and bicycles. Aim to crunch continuously for 3 to 5 minutes, or until you just can’t crunch no more!

Never underestimate the power of a workout, no matter how short
Just think, for a mere 14 extra minutes a day 4 days a week, you can add almost an hour of body revving activity to your weekly workout regime. Who knew it could be so easy?!

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