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Weekly Wellegant Find: Kuhn Rikon Stay Clean Silicone Scrubber

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I fully admit to being a bit of a germaphobe, especially in the kitchen. And while I make it a point to frequently disinfect cutting boards, appliances, etc., I’m always trying to find non-toxic and environmentally safe ways to do it. This Kuhn Rikon Stay Clean Silicone Scrubber has been a great, sanitary and eco-friendly addition to my kitchen.

Unlike traditionally sponges, which can trap moisture and become breeding grounds for bacteria, this sponge dries quickly and thoroughly. It is also dishwasher safe, so if it gets very greasy or dirty, a run through the dishwasher cleans it right up.

While it may not be abrasive enough for extremely dirty pots and pans, I’ve found it useful for just about everything else – dishes utensils, platters, cutting boards, counters, etc. – and I love knowing that I’m not spreading germs around my kitchen (something that most sponges do!)

I hope that this tip serves and that this item might be a useful addition to your kitchen, as well.

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