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Weekly Wellegant Find: The French Chef in America (Book)

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As a longtime fan of Julia Child, you can imagine how excited I was recently when I opened up my local newspaper and learned that Paul Prudhomme (nephew of Paul Child and co-author of Julia Child’s memoir, My Life in France) was going to be speaking and signing his most recent book, The French Chef in America, at my local library.

You see, I had just read My Life in France a couple of months prior and loved it. My Life in France is the memoir of Julia Child, which she insisted on writing with her nephew, Alex Prudhomme, as she was getting on in years and preferred to dictate the stories to Alex and have him do the writing. I absolutely loved it! Not only did he maintain her unique voice, but the book revolves around two great loves of mine – food and France.

Now, Prudhomme was at it again with The French Chef in America. This follow-up book is the story of Julia Child’s career, after she moved back to America and embarked on her career as a cookbook author and one of  America’s first TV chefs. By the time Prudhomme wrote it, both Paul and Julia Child had passed away. He authored the book himself, relying, once again, on the stories recounted to him by Julia in the year or so preceding her death.

I wanted to hear Prudhomme speak and learn more about this incredible woman, so I immediately marked the date on my calendar and contacted my foodie friend, Jen (you might remember her from this interview!). We made a date to go together.

Alex Prudhomme’s talk was fascinating and the book did not disappoint. Once again, he managed to capture Julia’s voice and weave together her many interesting and entertaining stories. The book reveals the opportunities and the challenges Julia Child faced as she revolutionized both the American approach to food and made cooking a form of entertainment. It’s a fun and inspiring read and I highly recommend it.

As summer winds down, there are precious few days to linger over a good book. This one, however, is worth the time. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be truly inspired by this authentic, passionate and really funny lady.

(If you’ve read it, I’d love for you to share your comments below.)




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