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Weekly Wellegant Find: Balsamic Glaze

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For me, the presentation of the food I’m eating is almost as important as the taste. I get excited about food that looks beautiful on the plate (and despite a total lack of scientific proof, I maintain that it actually does make the food taste better!?). Presentation can be enhanced in a number of ways – lovely plates/serving pieces, garnishes, and my personal favorite…the balsamic glaze.

You know when you’re in a restaurant and the outside of the dinner plate is drizzled with a dark syrup? That’s a balsamic glaze, which is nothing more than balsamic vinegar that’s been reduced down to a syrup. It’s sweet and tangy and lends just the right pop of flavor to the dish. Not to mention, it looks SO pretty!

In the summertime, I love to drizzle a balsamic glaze over grilled meats, veggies and even fruit (it’s especially divine with strawberries and peaches!). There are several brands that can usually be found in the vinegar section of the supermarket. If all else fails, Amazon stocks it, as well. Here’s one that I like a lot. I hope you enjoy!


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