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Weekly Wellegant Find: Succulent Plants

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I’ve always loved having plants and cut flowers in my home and, after spending some time learning about Feng Shui, I now understand how healthy it is to keep these things in our living space (you can read about some of the principles of Feng Shui here). The problem with keeping plants in my home is that I’ve never had much of a green thumb.

I walked into a local flower shop recently and saw these gorgeous succulents set out on a table without even so much as dirt or water beneath them. They were simply sitting on little mirrors and wooden plates. The shop owner explained that they last for quite a long time, as is. Absolutely no care required. Some of them even bloom, with a single little flower growing from the center. I’d seen succulents planted in dirt, but had never seen ones like this before and found it amazing that they needed no care at all. Sounded like just the plant for me! Needless to say, I came home with one.

If you’re looking to bring some green plants into your living space and want something low-maintenance – in this case, NO maintenance – you’re likely to love these cheerful little succulents.




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