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Recipe: Endive BLT Boats (GF)

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I was in charge of appetizers for a recent gathering of my friends and came up with this healthy spin on the classic BLT sandwich. I don’t know many people who don’t appreciate a good BLT: crunchy bacon, crisp lettuce leaves and juicy beefsteak tomato slices topped with a dollop of creamy mayo. is there anything better? Well, there just might be…

Since my friends and I usually prefer to avoid the bread, I swapped it out and, instead, used endive leaves to create little BLT “boats”. Not only was it a delicious and healthy little bite, but they made a gorgeous and colorful platter.

I opted for a low sodium bacon (I love the Applegate brand, which is nitrate free) and a high quality, soy-free mayonnaise (I like Sir Kensington’s brand). If you’re inclined to make your own mayo/aioli, rock on…I’m sure that would be fabulous. But if not, no problem. There are several very good brands that can be store bought, yet have the flavor of homemade. Another nice thing about these is that they are super easy to eat and require no utensils…great when you’re trying to keep things simple and keep cleanup to a minimum.

You’ll definitely want to keep this one in mind for your next cocktail party or gathering. I promise, it will not disappoint!

Buon Appetit,


Endive BLT Boats

4-5 heads of endive lettuce

2 beefsteak tomatoes

1 pound package of bacon (you may substitute turkey bacon, if desired)

mayonnaise – soy-free, if you’d like to make this recipe GF (approximately ½ cup)

2-3 Tbsp. parsley, finely chopped

Black pepper

Cook bacon according to package directions and set aside on paper towel lined plats to drain and cool.

Prep ingredients: wash and dry the endive leaves; slice tomatoes into half moons; cut bacon into 1 inch pieces.

Assemble the boats: inside each endive leave, place 1 slice of tomatoe, a couple of pieces of bacon and a dollop (about ½ tsp.) of mayonnaise.

Once the boats are arranged on the platter, sprinkle with the chopped parsley and black pepper, to taste.
Makes approximately 30 boats.


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