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Kitchen Essentials

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various kitchen utensils on wooden table

Contrary to what many people believe, cooking doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. I once heard somebody say, “If you can read, you can cook,” the idea being that cooking only requires that one can read a recipe. I believe that’s almost true – if we read carefully and follow the directions provided in a recipe, odds are strong that we’ll produce a pretty good dish – but there’s also the matter of kitchen equipment. Like any skill, cooking requires some basic tools which make the entire process much easier.

Ever tried to peel a carrot with a knife because you lacked a vegetable peeler? Or hack through a melon with a paring knife? Or ladle soup out of the pot with a tablespoon? If this were your experience of cooking, OF COURSE you’d hate doing it!? The effort would never be worth the result, right?

I can’t tell you how many people I speak to who (1) want to get healthy, (2) realize that getting healthy involves cooking more and (3) are committed to learning to cook, but end up giving up because they choose not to invest money into the very tools that would make it possible.

I’ve put together a list of the tools that I find essential for a “healthy kitchen”. Please bear in mind that the mini-appliances you choose to equip your kitchen with will depend on your individual lifestyle. For example, for a coffee drinker, a coffee maker is an essential, but for someone who drinks green juice, the juicer is an essential. You’ll have to take a look at your lifestyle and make that decision for yourself. As for the other categories, however, these are the things that you’ll use again and again as a home cook. If you’re serious about taking control of your health, they are worth investing in (and you can certainly do this over a period of time; they need not be purchased all at once).

Feel free to download the below infographic (or save it to your Pinterest board) and use it as a checklist. I hope that this information is helpful and enables you to prepare many healthy meals in the future!

Have a wonderful, Wellegant™ week!


infographic-kitchen-essentialsPrintable version: infographic-kitchen-essentials


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