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Create a Beautiful Summer Table

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Dining al fresco on a gorgeous evening is one of my very favorite things to do in the summertime. If I’m joined by friends and/or family, even better! And one of the things I most enjoy preparing is the table itself. A beautiful table seems to beckon people to sit and relax, and it creates intimacy and anticipation of the meal to come. For that reason, I’m always on the lookout for creative table settings and tablescape ideas.

Here are some of my favorite ideas and images for setting a beautiful summer table:

1.Bring your table linens outdoors. For the sake of convenience, it’s tempting to use paper napkins, plastic placemats, etc. but this truly detracts from the pleasure and formality of the occasion. No matter if you’re serving filet mignon or hamburgers, table linens will help you to create a mood and make the meal feel more special.

2.Use pretty planters as containers on your table. I love using planters in non-traditional ways. Small ones can hold silverware at a buffet table, shallow planters can be lined with a tea towel or cloth napkin and used as a bread basket or a bowl for chips, and large ones make excellent wine buckets. Simply  make sure that your containers are new and clean, then have fun incorporating them into your tablescape.

3.Get creative with mason jars. Something about a mason jar reminds me of summer in the country. Fill them with flowers and group them together for a casual centerpiece. Place tea lights in them and scatter them around the table for a touch of romance. They are inexpensive and incredibly versatile, so it’s worth it to have at least a few of these on hand, particularly in the summertime.


4.Add pillows to garden seating. Nothing adds coziness and charm to outdoor chairs like fluffy pillows. There are some lovely and colorful patterns which are fun additions to your summer table. And don’t be afraid of mixing colors and patterns; it lends an eclectic charm that is perfect for the summer table.

5.Decorate the table with citrus fruits. Lemons, limes and oranges make bright and festive additions to the table, on their own or combined with plants and/or flowers. Scatter them around or fill bowls and vases for a colorful and fragrant centerpiece.

6.Create a theme for your tablescape. Love the beach? Perhaps use sand and seashells in your centerpiece. Do you prefer a nautical theme? A blue and white color palette is perfect. Perhaps you simply love bright pink and wish to create a color theme. It usually requires a bit more work but you can get super creative with tablescape themes, if you’re so inclined.


7.Swap herbs for flowers. Most herb gardens are full and lush during the summer months and herbs like basil, mint, lavender and rosemary look and smell gorgeous on the table. Create one large centerpiece, scatter several small herb pots around the table or simply tuck a sprig into each napkin for a fresh and fragrant touch.

8.Illuminate the table with fairy lights and lanterns. If you have the means to hang lights, large globes, lanterns or fairy lights create an absolutely magical mood. If not, lanterns placed around the table offer the same intimate feeling. And if lighting is a problem, well…there’s always the moonlight 😉


I hope that these images and ideas inspire you to create a lovely summer table and a feast for your (and your guest’s) senses. If you have tips and tricks of your own, please share in the Comments below.

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